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Bust of Serapis 384-2-10
Serapis is depicted here wearing the chiton, the himation over the left shoulder, and the modius over his head.

The chiton is a knee-length garment and the himation is a rectangular cloth draped over the left shoulder and wrapped about the body.

The modius is a turban-shaped measure of grain symbolizing fertility. The front of the modius is decorated with a disk and three erect branches, rather deeply cut and not stuccoed.

There is also a small circular hole above the central branch. At least part of this ornamentation probably was originally inlaid. The eyes are also inlaid and are composed of white stone; the iris, which was inserted separately, is made of dark material. Part of the hair has been added in plaster; the back is left somewhat rough and flat.

The bust is covered with a coat of white plaster on which the paint was applied. Remains of black on the hair, eyebrows, and drapery and traces of red on the lips are still visible.
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Dimensions: Height 78 cm

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