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Cane with Two Enemies Empty Cane with Two Enemies

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Cane with Two Enemies 198-1-10
This cane is one of a group that depicts the enemies of King Tutankhamun. The king used these canes in ceremonies during his lifetime.

Two of the king's enemies are represented on this cane. The first one is a hairy Asian who is wearing clothing that is decorated with ribbons and with circular and floral designs. His hands, face, and feet are made of ivory to imitate his white skin. The second enemy is an African whose face and limbs are made of ebony that simulates his dark skin. He wears a pleated garment with multicolored streamers.

When the king grasped this cane, the enemies were turned upside down so that they could not harm the king. At the other end of the cane, a papyrus bears the king's cartouche.
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Dimensions: Length 104 cm

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