Book of Lections of the Jonah Fast and Lent

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Book of Lections of the Jonah Fast and Lent

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:38 am

This Katamarus, or Dallal, contains the lections of the Jonah Fast and Lent. The Jonah Fast is only three days long and precedes Lent by 15 days.

The Book of Jonah in the Old Testament is usually read on these days. The lections of Lent continue throughout the days of the fast but do not extend into Passion Week. This week has its own special Katamarus.

Throughout this manuscript the headings are in red. Some of the initial letters are inscribed in Coptic and Arabic. The book is written in Arabic and contains 145 papers and each page has 14 lines.

It has a modern red cover of hard paper added in the patriarchate of Cyril the Fifth in 1625 of the Martyrs era (AD 1909).
Dimensions: Length 19 cm Width 12.5 cm

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