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This almost-square box is known as a chalice ark. It has pictures on all four sides. On the first side there is the Last Supper. On the second is the Holy Virgin carrying the Christ Child. On the third is the Archangel Michael. On the fourth side is a saint standing and holding a cross with both hands.

On each side there are also human faces with wings. These represent the four beasts of the Book of Revelation, Rev. 4:6-9; 5:14. On the ark there are Coptic and Arabic inscriptions, which are blurred and unclear. The ark is so called because it represents the throne of the Lord, Isa. 6:1; Rev. 4:2.

The Lord sits on the throne of his glory and is worshipped by the heavenly hosts. As the Ark of the Covenant of the Old Testament contained the manna in the golden pot "Exodus," likewise this ark contains spiritual manna inside the Chalice, on which Christians feed, and by which they live, John 6:54.

The ark is placed on the altar inside the sanctuary and the chalice is placed in it together with the other vessels used in the Holy Mass. The chalice is made of metal and it holds the wine, which according to the faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church is transformed into the blood of Christ.
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Dimensions: Length 21 cm Width 20 cm
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