Canopic Shrine of Tutankhamun

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Canopic Shrine of Tutankhamun Empty Canopic Shrine of Tutankhamun

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Canopic Shrine of Tutankhamun 280-8-10
Inside this imposing and elaborate gilded shrine was the alabaster chest that contained the four canopic miniature coffins.

At each side of this shrine stands an elegant statue of one of the four female divinities in charge of protecting the deceased king, their faces turned slightly to one side and their arms stretched out in a gesture of protection. These goddesses are Isis, Nephthys, Neith, and Sereket.

The outer canopy of gilded wood, fixed to a sledge, consists of four square corner posts supporting a projecting cavetto cornice topped by a frieze of uraei, or cobras, with solar disks.
A cavetto cornice is a concave molding with a cross section that approximates a quarter circle.

Scenes of the protective deities are incised in relief on the sides of the shrine.
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Dimensions: Length 202 cm
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