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Ceremonial Fan of Tutankhamun Empty Ceremonial Fan of Tutankhamun

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Ceremonial Fan of Tutankhamun 274-1-10
Fans of this kind were carried in Pharaonic processions next to the throne. They always appear on both sides of the king or immediately behind him.

In fact, the Fan Bearer held what was considered to be one of the highest positions among court officials.

This fan stock is ebony veneered with decorative motifs made of tree bark. Its top is shaped like a papyrus umbel, or petal cluster, with its calyces, or outer leaves, and stem. At the lower end, a knob in the form of an inverted papyrus umbel, or petal cluster, of the lotus is found. The ostrich feathers of this fan were so decayed that only the shafts of the feathers remained. The top of the fan is shaped like an outstretched hand with fingers apart.

The stock at the top into which the quills were inserted show that it once held 48 feathers. The palm of the fan contains the cartouche of the King, "Neb Kheperu Ra."
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Dimensions: Length 70 cm
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