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A magnificent wooden chest is painted on all its surfaces with hunting and war scenes.

On one side of the lid, King Tutankhamun is depicted in his chariot, hunting gazelles, deers, ostriches, and other desert animals. On the other side, he is shooting arrows at lions. On the short sides, the king is depicted as a Sphinx trampling the enemies of the North and the South.

Battle scenes along the length of the chest's sides show the king riding in his chariot, accompanied by well organized archers, lancers, cavalrymen, and fan bearers, charging the enemies of Egypt; one side of the chest features the enemies of the South, and on the other side, the Northerners.

The precise details of the ethnic features of the Asians and Africans, the chaos in which they are depicted, and the contrasting order of the Egyptian battle lines make this chest a masterpiece unequalled in ancient Egyptian art.

When found in the tomb, it contained sandals, cult robes, necklaces, a headrest, and a belt.
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Dimensions: Height 44 cm Length 61 cm Width 43 cm
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