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Coffin of Sennedjem 494-5-10
The mummy of Sennedjem was protected by a cover and a mask. All were kept inside this mummiform coffin. The coffin, in turn, was housed inside the rectangular sarcophagus.

The lid depicts a mummy with the arms crossed on the chest, holding the symbols of protection and stability: the Tyet amulet in one hand and the Djed pillar in the other. Sennedjem wears an elaborately curled wig, a floral headband, a broad floral collar, and a short false beard.

Hands, amulets, face, and beard were made separately and were attached to the body of the coffin. The winged sky goddess, Nut, stretches protectively across Sennedjem's chest. Beneath Nut, in mirror images on each side, are depictions of the guardian of the necropolis, Anubis. Another depiction shows a kneeling goddess, touching the shen signs, which are the symbols of protection and rebirth.

Also, Sennedjem is portrayed drinking water from Nut. The water is shown coming from a sycamore tree. The sides of the coffin are decorated with the ibis-headed Thoth, Anubis, and the four Sons of Horus: Hapi and Qebehsenuef on the left, Imsety and Duamutef on the right.

The goddess Nephthys is painted at Sennedjem's head and Isis at his feet. They serve as divine mourners and ensure that Sennedjem's body will be protected throughout the journey in the netherworld.
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Dimensions: Length 182 cm
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