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Coffin of the Priest Pa-mes-hem Empty Coffin of the Priest Pa-mes-hem

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An elaborately painted coffin consists of three pieces: the lid, the cover of the mummy and the base. The left side of the base is adorned with scenes beginning at the foot and depicting Anubis at the cemetery with the cow Hathor emerging from the western mountain. The goddess Nut is also depicted coming from the sacred tree and bringing offerings and pouring water for the deceased. The right-hand side depicts scenes of the gods of the afterlife.

The lid shows the mummified figure of the deceased, wearing a striped wig with long lappets, held by a band at the top of the head. The chest is covered with decorative collars and flowers and the hands are clasped.

The winged scarab, symbolizing the god of the rising sun, is painted at the top of the center. Two Osiris figures, two Isis figures, and the Djed pillar flank the scarab on each side. In the middle register, Nut, the goddess of the sky kneels and stretches out her wings to protect the deceased.

The mummy cover has similar pictures; the base is decorated on the inside with numerous uraei (cobras). The Atef crown and the Djed pillar of Osiris are combined and nearly fill the middle of the cover.
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Dimensions: Length 200 cm
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