Cornice with Two Angels

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Cornice with Two Angels Empty Cornice with Two Angels

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Cornice with Two Angels 59-3-710
This is part of a limestone cornice, with a raised ornament representing two angels carrying a laurel wreath.

In the center is the upper part of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ, carrying the Holy Scripture in his left hand. Beneath the crown of the Lord is the sign of the cross. Two angels carry the Holy Scripture within the sign of the cross.

These represent the angelic rank of the Seraphim and have six wings each as described in the Book of the Old Testament Prophet Isaiah. The wings of the angels here are influenced to a great extent by the statues of the Cherubim in Iraq.

This resembles the piece of art representing the goddess Ceres in Hall 1 of the Coptic Museum.
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Dimensions: Length 102 cm Width 35 cm
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