Dummy, or Doll, in the Shape of a Woman

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Dummy, or Doll, in the Shape of a Woman

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:51 am

A dummy, or doll, made of bones, is in the shape of a woman. The arms are lost. The features of the face are formed through deep engraving. The face has two long, curved eyebrows and wide round eyes, with a small black circle in its middle representing the eye pupil.

There are also many lines on the chest and the stomach. A small protrusion is beneath the feet. The head is bald and covered by a round-shaped covering. The ears are like rectangular protrusions on both sides of the head.

There is also a metallic string around the neck, which was either for hanging or to be used as jewelry for the doll.
Dimensions: Length 10 cm

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