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Khufu's Boat Museum Empty Khufu's Boat Museum

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Khufu's Boat Museum 4253-610

To the south of the east side of the pyramid, there is a modern building to house the boat that was excavated in AD 1954.

It is a huge royal boat of cedar wood that was found disassembled in the pit and is considered the largest one found so far in Egypt.

The boat has a canopy on the foredeck; the central section is covered with a frame for an awning. The rear half held the deckhouse, which is the main cabin, and features a roof supported by palm-tree columns.

The boat has one pair of steering oars and five pairs of rowing oars. It measures 43.3 meters or 142.02 feet long and 5.90 meters or 19.35 feet wide, 5 meters or 16.4 feet high at the prow and 7 meters or 23 feet at the stern.

The boat was used to transport the king's funerary furniture. While some boats were created as models, this boat was functional, as indicated by the shrinkage of the ropes

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