Alb Sleeve of Satin

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Alb Sleeve of Satin Empty Alb Sleeve of Satin

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Alb Sleeve of Satin 26-4-c10

This sleeve is made of satin and adorned with pictures of two saints. One of the saints is holding a rod on which is written "Your hands made me and crucified me. Explain to me Reverend Father Patriarch Peter. May God keep him safe! Reward him, O Lord."

The priest usually wears the sleeves over the alb to cover his arms during the Mass. They are attached to the vest and serve as a symbol of the band with which the Lord Christ was bound when driven to Pilate with his hands tied and while being scourged. This sleeve reminds the priest of the necessity of fighting against the forces of evil and the devil.
Alb Sleeve of Satin Spacer
Dimensions: Length 49 cm Width 27 cm

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