Big Jar Decorated with Birds and Humans

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Big Jar Decorated with Birds and Humans Empty Big Jar Decorated with Birds and Humans

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This jar, or zeir, was made of pottery and used for keeping liquids. The jar is swollen in the middle and has four handles in the upper part with scenes divided into two sections. Near the opening there is a number of lines.

The upper part is surrounded by a band of plaited ornament around the jar. A great number of lines are drawn near the opening. The same decoration is repeated at the end of the upper part.

The plaited ornament includes birds, sparrows, or pigeons. These refer to God's providence and peace.

The lower part has plaited ornaments on the base. The lower part of the stem of the jar has human ornaments of eight persons separated by a column, which resembled the wooden columns that support the wooden ceilings.

The human shapes appear standing in various postures and most of them have a halo of light around the head, except one, who appears with hands tied and with a white skullcap, or head cover. Astonishment is clear on their faces, except for the person who stands with hands tied and whose feet do not appear like the others.
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Dimensions: Height 74.5 cm Diameter 56 cm

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