Bone Engraved with Jesus and Prophets on the Mountain

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Bone Engraved with Jesus and Prophets on the Mountain

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:58 pm

On the upper part of the piece of bone is an illustration of the Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is shown standing with the Prophets Moses and Elijah on the mountaintop.

On the lower part of the piece of bone, Peter, James, and John are depicted as frightened, covering their faces and lying on the ground. To Christians, this portrays the Transfiguration in which the Lord appeared in his glorified form as God to Elijah and Moses on the mountain while he was accompanied by three of his disciples, according to Matthew 17.

A cloud overshadows Jesus and the prophets. Jesus Christ is depicted surrounded with rays because during the Transfiguration, his form changed in front of the disciples and his clothes appeared light as the snow, according to Mark 9:2-8. The piece has a border and a Coptic inscription related to the scene.
Dimensions: Length 7.5 cm Width 5.5 cm

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