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Canopic Container of Isis' Empty Canopic Container of Isis'

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Canopic Container of Isis' 719-6-10
The beautiful box, richly ornamented on its four sides, belongs to a lady named Isis. The box once stored her canopic vases, which were used to contain the organs of the deceased. The top of the box is in the shape of an Egyptian cavetto cornice or frieze.

Two sides of the box are adorned with a scene showing the goddess Isis looking to the left, with the goddess Neith beside her, looking to the right. Neith has her usual symbol of two crossed bows on her head. The scene is flanked by geometric figures and topped by another decorative line.

On the other side of the box, a similar scene represents the goddess Isis next to another goddess. The two other sides are adorned by figures of two demons of the underworld. The lid is decorated with geometric designs.
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Dimensions: Height 52 cm Length 46 cm Width 43 cm
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