Door Lintel with Nymph

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Door Lintel with Nymph

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:49 am

The upper lintel, a horizontal stone or beam above a door, is carved with a shell. Four branches on each side of the shell are turned upward. In the center are ornaments of acanthus leaves, a type of prickly herb.

A nymph, a minor divinity represented as a beautiful maiden, wearing a transparent robe that shows her body, is in the middle. With both hands, she holds a fine veil that hangs from over her head. The nymph is lying on a fabulous animal with the head of a dragon and body of a fish.

There are dolphins to her right. We can see the remains of black color in parts of the fabulous animal, the acanthus, and in the cavity of the shell.
Dimensions: Length 102 cm Width 53 cm

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