Door Lintel with Nymph

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Door Lintel with Nymph Empty Door Lintel with Nymph

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Door Lintel with Nymph 55-2-c10
The upper lintel, a horizontal stone or beam above a door, is carved with a shell. Four branches on each side of the shell are turned upward. In the center are ornaments of acanthus leaves, a type of prickly herb.

A nymph, a minor divinity represented as a beautiful maiden, wearing a transparent robe that shows her body, is in the middle. With both hands, she holds a fine veil that hangs from over her head. The nymph is lying on a fabulous animal with the head of a dragon and body of a fish.

There are dolphins to her right. We can see the remains of black color in parts of the fabulous animal, the acanthus, and in the cavity of the shell.
Door Lintel with Nymph Spacer
Dimensions: Length 102 cm Width 53 cm
Door Lintel with Nymph Spacer
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