Fresco of Delegation of Mice

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Fresco of Delegation of Mice Empty Fresco of Delegation of Mice

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Fresco of Delegation of Mice 100-3-10
This piece of fresco is a cartoon drawing of a delegation of mice sent to ask forgiveness from an arrogant cat. The three mice are fat. The first mouse is carrying a pack and a pencil made of reed. This mouse seems to be the secretary of the delegation. The pack probably contains letters of entreaty.

The second mouse is the leader and is carrying a flag. The third has a flask of red wine and a bag of grain. Above the cat a word is inscribed in Coptic. The cat is a symbol of mockery, because the mice represent the people and the fat cat represents the ruler. The mice come to the cat entreating him to make peace with them, a thing that will never happen!

The drawing represents the state of the country under Byzantine rule. This piece of art is from Bawit and represents a continuation of ancient Egyptian cartoon art.

A similar piece of art is a papyrus in the British Museum, which has a drawing of a gazelle playing an ancient Egyptian form of checkers with a lion; this dates from the New Kingdom. Another piece in this style is from the city monastery and is on show in the Berlin Museum. It represents a cat in front of a monkey.

Yet another piece from Hildesheim Museum is the drawing of a mouse sitting at a table eating a duck, while on the other side of the table is a cat.
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Dimensions: Length 65 cm Width 41 cm
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